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I am a Full stack Developer based In Nairobi. From time immemorial I have always enjoyed research and tinkering with technology. I came across software programming during legal research and since then I have had the stubborn desire to be a maker and part of the change I would like to see in the world .

My technical skills include Programming languages such as Python; Django framework and Flask Framework while, frontend I use JavaScript; React, Angular 8 and jQuery. I am also converant in webnative; HTML5, CSS3, and Bootsrap4. I work with UNIX Operating Systems. I am currently part of the founding team of Dravely Limited an ecommerce platform. I designed the architecture and we are currently building using GhraphQL, Django and React JS

Areas that I find interesting and would love to explore and grow into include but are not limited to API business solutions, machine learning and software architecture.I enjoy finding out what is going on by indulging with like minded folks in meet ups and I am part of the UX kitchen, Facebook developer circles, AI Saturdays and google developer community .

Frozen In Time

Frozen in Time is a python3.6- django web application that acts as a personal onlline gallery

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Github Websearch

This is an angular web application that uses an API to allow user to search for github users and view github repositories in real time

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A web Application that enables you to order pizza from the comfort of your home.

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